Eclipse c'est aussi UGUM, une émission de radio 100% progressive. Tous les jeudis de 21h à 23h sur O2 radio
(91.3 FM dans un rayon de 30 km autour de Bordeaux ou en direct par internet sur

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[07/02/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Disques du mois: SOEN, ESTHESIS

Artiste Titre Album Année
BIRTH CONTROL Lost in the sea Live Harmonie Bonn 2018
KITARO Kokodo Quintessential 2003
KAYAK Lady of the lake Anniversary box 2009
KARNATAKA Forsaken Secrets of angels live 2018
SOEN Lotus Lotus 2019
ESTHESIS Raising hands pt 1 et 2 Raising hands 2019
THE GATHERING Travel A sound relief 2018
COSMIC RAIN The journey and its tones Seekers 2019
THE DAME Losing sight of what you want Losing sight of what you want 2018
NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED Conscience Deadweight 2019
STAALKLANG The crooked steps Breathless 2018

[31/01/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Disques du mois: ALBION, DAMANEK

Artiste Titre Album Année
RANESTRANE Il monomito di tycho Monolith in roma 2015
JANE Daytime Inside the cave-concert 2009
JETHRO TULL Budapest Around the world 2013
JOSH AND CO LIMITED Not a dream Through these eyes 2009
ALBION Hell You'll be mine 2018
DAMANEK Big eastern part 2 : The shaking earth In flight 2019
LEBOWSKY Solitude of savant Galactica 2019
WITHIN TEMPTATION Raise you banner Resist 2019
THE CHRIS SQUIRE TRIBUTE Don't kill the whale A life in yes 2018
ANTIMATTER Sanctification Black market enlightenment 2018
THE NEAL MORSE BAND The great despair The great adventure 2019
LIGHT DAMMAGE Little dark one Numbers 2018

[24/01/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Live: Gov't mule
Disques du mois: ALBION, DAMANEK

Artiste Titre Album Année
GOV'T MULE Echoes Live at red rocks 2018
IQ Leap of faith Ever 1993
ILLUMINE Reference Maiden voyage 2018
IN CONTINUUM I remember Acceleration theory 2018
ALBION You'll be mine You'll bemine 2018
DAMANEK Big eastern part 1 Cruel skies In flight 2019
OUTWARDS Once upon a day To be come 2018
ART IN AMERICA When we were young Cloudborn 2018
RPWL A new world Tales from outer space 2019
KALEIDOREAL A life wasted part 2 A life wasted 2018

[17/01/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Disque du mois: ALBION, DAMANEK
Instrumental : SHIPS FLY UP

Artiste Titre Album Année
MARILLION The invisible man Out of season 2010
HUIS Memories Neither in heaven 2016
ROGER HODGSON In Jeopardy In the eye of the storm 1984
HEXVESSEL Old tree All tree 2019
ALBION Lullaby You'll be mine 2018
DAMANEK The Crawler In flight 2018
SHIPS FLY UP The Shining World Dream Maker 2018
DREAM THEATER Untethered Angel Distance Over Time 2019
GUNGFLY Crown Of Leaves Friendship 2018
UMAE Drift Lost In The View 2019
THE FLOWER KINGS Ze Pawns Manifesto Of An Alchemist 2018
ESTHESIS Silent Call Raising Hands 2019

[21/12/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Best of 2018

Artiste Titre Album Année
SPOCK'S BEARD Have we all gone crazy yet Noise floor 2018
DILEMMA Aether Random acts of liberation 2018
OAK False memory archive False memory archive 2018
LUNEAR Heaven Many miles away 2018
KAYAK Walk through fire Seventeen 2018
THE PARADOX TWIN The importance of Mister Bedlam The importance of Mister Bedlam 2018
THE SEA WITHIN They know my name The sea within 2018
ENCIRCLED Log out the universal mirth The universal mirth 2018
THE KENTISH SPIRES TTWIG The last harvest 2018
RANESTRANE Ambasciatore delle lacrime Starchild 2018
HAKEN Veil Vector 2018
WINDMILL Make me feel Tribus 2018

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