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[25/04/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Disques du mois: MOSTLY AUTUMN, RPWL

Artiste Titre Album Année
DIALETO Starless Live with d Cross 2018
THE QUARKS New life Influence 2018
CHRIS QUIRARTE Breathless Mending broken bridges 2016
QUEENSRYCHE Bent The Verdict 2018
RPWL A new world Tales from outer space 2019
MOSTLY AUTUMN Western skies White rainbow 2019
THE OCEAN Devonian nascent Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic 2018
ORENDA Minimalism Next 2019
RHYS MARSH Golden lullabies October after all 2019
UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY (UPF) Cruel times Planetary overload Pt 1 : Loss 2019
THE MUTE GODS Atheists and believers Atheists and believers 2019
JORDAN RUDESS Why I dream Wired for madness 2019

[11/04/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Alphabet: P
Disques du mois: RPWL, Mostly Autumn

Artiste Titre Album Année
MARILLION 100 Nights/Berlin Popular Music 2005
PRESTO BALLET I am wire The days between 2018
PROTOMYTHOS Bitter truth Heavy crowns 2019
PROFESSOR TIP TOP Machine emotions Hybrid Hymns 2019
RPWL Give birth to the sun Tales from outer space 2019
MOSTLY AUTUMN Young White rainbow 2019
DREAM THEATER At Wit's end Distance over time 2019
METAPHOR The Open road The pearl 2018
THE WINDMILL Make me feel Tribus 2018
VERMILLION SKYE III Will Zebra mentality 2018
THE ROOM It's not my home Caught by the machines 2019
EVERSHIP Monomyth II 2019

[04/04/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

live: Neal Morse Band
Disques du mois: Mostly Autumn, RPWL
Alphabet: O

Artiste Titre Album Année
NEAL MORSE BAND Broken sky/Long day TSOAD Live in Tilburg 2018
OPETH Deliverance Garden of Titans 2018
ORK Beyond sights/Black Blooms Ramagehead 2019
ON THE RAW Blackmail Climbing the air 2019
RPWL Light of the world Tales from outer space 2019
MOSTLY AUTUMN Viking Funeral White rainbow 2019
ANIMA MUNDI Her song Insomnia 2018
ASAEL IANNELLI Way back home C2H5OH 2018
ATLAS EMPIRE The entire history of you The Stratosphere beneath our feet 2018
ELEMENTS Imprisoned angel Monument 2018
TOUCH OF GOD Agony and salvation Swan sng 2018

[28/03/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Artiste Titre Album Année
ANUBIS Silent wandering ghosts Lights of change 2019
ANUBIS The passing bell part 1-6 Lights of change 2019
NAOS Triste sire Naif le reveur 1992
NORD And now there is only a river left behind And now there is only a river left behind 2018
NEW NEKTAR Bad Angel Megalomania 2018
PARADOXYCALL October leaves Ready, Aim, Dial! 2016
EVERGREY Solitude within Solitude, dominance, tragedy 2018
OBERON To live to die Aeron chaser 2018
AQUEOUS Weight of the world Color wheel 2018
AIRBAG Disconnect No escape from reality 2019

[28/02/2019] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Disques du mois: ESTHESIS, SOEN

Artiste Titre Album Année
BIG BIG TRAIN Brave captain Merchant of light 2018
MECHANISM The Grand confusion pt 1 et 2 Entering the invisible light 2018
MILLENIUM When i fall MMXVIII 2018
MOTORPSYCHO Psychotzar Crucible 2019
ESTHESIS Hunger Raisong hands 2019
SOEN Lunacy Lotus 2019
RIVERSIDE River down below Wasteland 2018
STEVEN WILSON People who eat darkness How big the space 2018
SWALLOW THE SUN The crimson crown When a shadow is forced into the light 2019
THESIS Kres Kres 2018
CARPTREE World without mind Subimago 2018
PAVLOV'S DOG The wind wild early Prodigal dreamer 2018

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