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[14/06/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Live Roger Waters

Artiste Titre Album Année
ROGER WATERS Pigs Us and Them tour live Paris 2018
WIDETRACK Stillo here III 2018
RAY WILSON Makes me think of home Time and distance 2017
WEENDO Betrayal You need to know yourself 2012
LEE CLAYTON 10000 Years/Sexual moon Naked child 1979
OSADA VIDA Missing Variomatic 2018
ANASAZI And the grudge (still there) Ask the dusk 2018
MILLENIUM Reincarnations Notes without words 2018
KATATONIA Serein Proscenium EP 2017
MDS (Monnaie de singe) I AM The last chance 2018
ARENA The legend of Elijah Shade Double vision 2018

[31/05/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Invités Clement
Live: YES
Disques du mois: RIVERSEA, LAZULI

Artiste Titre Album Année
YES Machine Messiah Topographic Drama 2017
VUUR The Fire- San Francisco In this moment we are free Cities 2016
VANDEN PLAS Lost in silence Christ O 2006
VERBAL DELIRIUM The losing game From the small hours of Weakness 2013
RIVERSEA Shine The Tide 2018
LAZULI Un linceul de brume Saison 8 2010
ANOMALYST Like cigarettes Live with Molto Assai 2011
MASTODON The Czar Crack the skye 2013
KAYAK Merlin Merlin 1981
BLANKET The devil holds fast your eyelids How to let go 2018
LUNATIC SOUL Untamed Under the fragmented sky 2018
SPOCK'S BEARD To breathe another day Noise floor 2018
RIKARD SJOBLOM'S GUNGFLY He held an axe On her jouney to the sun 2017
STAMP Posthuman aeon Posthuman 2018

[17/05/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Live: Roger hodgson
Disques du mois: Lazuli, Riversea

Artiste Titre Album Année
ROGER HODGSON Time waits for no one Rites of passage 1997
URIA HEEP Salisbury Salisbury 1971
UNITOPIA Artificial world Artificial 2010
RIVERSEA Blasphemy The Tide 2018
LAZULI Les cotes Saison 8 2018
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT Sceance room Epitath 2018
NIGHTWISH Dead boy's poem Decade 2018
DELUSION SQUARED Devolution Anthropocene 2018
ENTROPIA Odisea Invisible 2018
A SILENT SOUND City one Compass 2018
FABRIC OF REALITY PROJECT Tempus mutatio Still life 2018
MOONSHINE BLAST Gate of dawn Reality fear 2018
MOTHERTONGUE Ofelia Where the moonlight snows 2018

[03/05/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Alphabet: T
Disques du mois: RIVERSEA, LAZULI

Artiste Titre Album Année
MYSTERY Shadow of the lake/The sailor and the mermaid Second Home 2017
TESSERACT King Sonder 2018
TANGEKANIC Sanctuary in music Hotel Cantaffordit 2018
TAMARISK MOJO(The death of an American prayer) Breaking the chains 2018
LAZULI Mes amis mes freres Saison 8 2018
RIVERSEA Drowning in vertigo The Tide 2018
AESTHESYS Marea Achromata 2018
WALZWERK Wortgefecht Walzwek 2018
SOLAR PROJECT Eden 16 Q Utopia 2018
PARADOXYCALL Architects Ready, aiml, dial! 2016

[26/04/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Live: Steve Hackett
Disques du mois : Soup, Ange

Artiste Titre Album Année
STEVE HACKETT Shadow of the hierophant Fire and ice 2011
SHADOW GALLERY The Queen of the city of ice Shadow gallery 1992
SILENT CLOCK Colours Elephants and porcelain 2010
SHADOWLIGHT Gravity Stars above the city 2018
SOUP The boy and the snow Remedies 2018
ANGE Sens et jouissance Heureux 2018
JACQUES HIGELIN Le Minimum Alertez les bebes 1976
DEFEARING OPERA Plus ultra Let silence fall 2018
KINO Radio Voltaire Radio Voltaire 2018
KARIBOW The impermanence of sound The Unchosen 2018
IO EARTH Madness Solitude 2018

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