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[26/04/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Live: Steve Hackett
Disques du mois : Soup, Ange

Artiste Titre Album Année
STEVE HACKETT Shadow of the hierophant Fire and ice 2011
SHADOW GALLERY The Queen of the city of ice Shadow gallery 1992
SILENT CLOCK Colours Elephants and porcelain 2010
SHADOWLIGHT Gravity Stars above the city 2018
SOUP The boy and the snow Remedies 2018
ANGE Sens et jouissance Heureux 2018
JACQUES HIGELIN Le Minimum Alertez les bebes 1976
DEFEARING OPERA Plus ultra Let silence fall 2018
KINO Radio Voltaire Radio Voltaire 2018
KARIBOW The impermanence of sound The Unchosen 2018
IO EARTH Madness Solitude 2018

[05/04/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

alphabet: R
Disques du mois: SOUP, ANGE

Artiste Titre Album Année
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Rock'n roll star Live in Bonn 2015
THE REASONING Adventures in neverland Adventures in neverland 2013
RTFACT Life is good Life is good 2017
RPWL Hole in the sky Start the fire 2005
SOUP Sleepers Remedies 2017
ANGE Nancy-Jupiter à la nage Heureux 2018
JONATHAN WILSON Valley of the silver moon Live Vieilles charrues 2013
THE SUN BURNS BRIGHT Home is not a place it's a person Through dusk came the light 2018
AYREON Actual fantaisy/Computer eyes Ayreon universe live 2018
SILENT SAND Coloor green Another world 2018
MASTER MEN From the moon From the moon 2018
SHINY WOLF R Mirthmaker Mirthmaker 2018

[29/03/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Artiste Titre Album Année
TRANSATLANTIC Black as the sky Kaliveoscope 2014
ROGER HODGSON Child of vision Live
QANGO The last one home Live in the hood 2000
QUIDAM Kinds of solitude at night Live at Oskard 2009
QUATERMASS Black sheep of the family Quatermass 1970
SOUP Nothing like home Remedies 2017
ANGE Jour de chance pour un poete en mal de rime Heureux 2018
SOUTHERN EMPIRE Hold Southern Empire 2016
SOEN The words Tellurian 2014
PINK FLOYD Marooned The Division bell 1994
HAKEN Nocturnal conspiracy Visions 2011
JONATHAN WILSON Me Rare birds 2018

[22/03/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Alphabet: P

Artiste Titre Album Année
MARILLION The Space Brave remastered 2018
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Private poaradise Abducted in birth 2017
PINN DROPP Cyclothymia Re verse, Re treat, Re unite 2017
PTS The cold war 5EP 2001
LONG DISTANCE CALLING Out there Boundless 2018
DAY SIX Modern solitude Solitary leage 2017
HOLY MUSHROOM Birdwax blues Moon 2018
BREED Catharsis How the equine died 2018
NEAL MORSE Livin' lightly Life and times 2018
RAUSCH Drain Book II 2018
MACHINES DREAM Toronto skyline Whiout further ado 2017

[15/03/2018] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Artiste Titre Album Année
QUIDAM No Quarter Live Warzawa 2002
OVERTURE Il mendicante Overture 2018
OPETH Eternal rains will come Roman amphitheatre plovdiv 2017
OZRIC TENTACLES Mooncalf The yumYumtree 2009
LONG DISTANCE CALLING In the clouds Boundless 2018
DAY SIX The cloud Solitary league 2017
QUASAR Nowhere Last transmission 2017
HANGOVER PARADISE Who do you think you are Out of sight 2017
SONIC TAPESTRY Caged lions of old Aftermath 2017
CLOUDS CAN All we are i am not Leave 2017
GLASS HAMMER Identity principle Untold tales 2017
XAVIEZR ASALI Nature is calling Perspectives 2017
THE SAMURAI OF PROG Heroes Archiviarum 2018

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